Moosewalk in Japan

by Gary Eckhart on June 15, 2011

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Moosewalk in Japan

Moosewalk in Japan

Moosewalk Studios and Gallery are currently being featured in a newsletter in Japan. Emily Mason, a freelance writer currently living in New York City, has been writing articles about Vermont for Dutchwest Japan on a monthly basis since 2003. Dutchwest imports stoves made here in Vermont. The Japanese version of the newsletter is sent to Dutchwest Japan dealers and customers in Japan to inform them of activities, events, artists and citizens of Vermont. The headquarters of Dutchwest Japan is located in Hokkaido, Japan where the climate and scenery are very similar to Vermont. Emily says, “Every time I go to Vermont, I am amazed by how warm and welcoming Vermont people are.”

Emily has graciously translated the Japanese language article into English for our readers.

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