Roarke Displays New Photos at Round Barn Photo Show…

It’s August…and you know what that means!   Roarke has three new photographs on display at the Green Mountain Cultural Center in the 26th annual Round Barn Photo Show as part of the Vermont Festival of the Arts.  The show is open to the public from August 3rd to September 7th.  Weekdays from 10am – 5pm and on weekends from 10am – 2:30pm.   Come see the show!

Roarke’s first image is titled “A Tree That Dreams”.  This particular photo is quite dream-like and utilizes an unusual combination of different layers of textures, colors, and realistic images.

A Tree That Dreams

The second image is called “Brook Geometry”.  Roarke photographed this image at one of his favorite places to photograph – Lincoln Brook in Warren, VT. The warmer spring-like temperatures were melting away the frozen brook leaving behind beautiful ice crystals to photograph.

Brook Geometry

Roarke’s final image in the photography show is titled “Winter Beech”. Roarke was walking on his property last December and captured a beech tree which had only a few leaves attached to its branches.

Winter Beech

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